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              • Fashion Glossary




                A style line which gradually flares out to a wider hemline, causing it to resemble the letter A.


                Cutting shapes from textile fabrics and attaching them to a garment for a decorative affect.


                The principal of informal balance, rather than formal balance, with each side of the garment offering a different silhouette. Garments may be draped to one side, have uneven hemlines, side closings, or cover only one shoulder.


                Baby Doll-

                This is a short top, nightgown or dress whose hem is below the hip and above the knee.

                Back Yoke-

                A horizontal seam at the top of a jacket or blouse, it is sewn as a separate piece into the construction of the garment.

                Ballet Neckline-

                Deeper and wider than a crewneck, yet shallower than a scoop neck. The name is reminiscent of the neckline on a leotard.

                Bateau Neckline-

                A high slit like neckline of a garment that extends onto the shoulders. Also called a Boat neckline.


                A fabric printed by an ancient Indonesian technique of hand-printing textiles by coating the parts that are not to be dyed with wax.

                Bias Cut-

                Cut diagonally across the grain of the fabric. This is used to create garments that follow the body’s curves. Cutting on the bias also causes garments to drape into soft folds.


                It is a feeling of a free-spirited attitude toward fashion, with feminine details, including flounces, ties, ribbons, ruffles, and embroidery. Paisley and floral prints are also associated with this trend.


                Fabric with an alternating solid and sheer design, often in a floral or animal print. This fabric is usually from China and is done in silk or a polyester blend.



                A slim fit top that can be worn alone or as a layering piece. It is an essential wardrobe piece.

                Cap Sleeve-

                This sleeve is a very short sleeve that just covers the shoulder and the top of the upper arm.


                A lightweight, plain-weave, sheer fabric made with very fine, tightly twisted yarns. It is very strong, despite its delicate look.

                Color Block-

                Combining contrasting colors on a garment in bold blocks.

                Cowl Neck-

                A loose neckline featuring a piece of material attached to a garment at the neck, which is draped loosely from shoulder to shoulder at the front neckline or back.


                This collarless, rounded style follows the line where the shoulder meets the neck.


                Dolman Sleeve-

                The dolman sleeve is designed without a socket for the shoulder, creating a deep, wide armhole. It is cut as an extension of the bodice.


                The hang or fall of fabric when made into a garment.



                A synthetic fiber characterized by its ability to revert to its original shape.

                Empire Waist-

                The location of the waistline just under the bustline. It can be seen on tops and dresses. It is universally flattering to all figures, because it visually adds length to the torso for an instantly slimming effect.


                A circular decorative edge with close zigzag stitching. Or a fabric punched with these decorative holes, typically in an all-over design, and then similarly embroidered.



                French word for “fake.”


                Raised fibers which produce a decorative, textured embellishment on its contrasting fabric.



                This is a technique that creates fullness by tightening threads in a row of stitching.


                A decoration usually made of plastic or metal used as a detail on various garments. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.



                A pattern made of short, slanting parallel lines adjacent to other rows slanting in the reverse direction, creating a continuous V-shaped design like those of the bones of a fish.



                The method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye. The dye is applied prior to the threads being woven to create the final fabric pattern or design.


                Jewel Neck-

                A round neckline that follows along the base of the neck, similar to a t-shirt. It is the perfect backdrop for displaying a necklace.



                A tear shaped or round cutout that usually fastens at the front or back neckline.


                Lettuce Edge-

                A thin ruffle at the neckline, cuff or hem.



                A fabric made with metallic fiber, namely a fiber or yarn made of or coated with metal for the sake of embellishment. The glint of gold or silver is woven into the fabric, creating highlights throughout the garment or drawing attention just to special details.

                Mock Neck-

                A mock neck is a neckline that is a modified turtleneck. It has a slightly looser fit and without the extra fold or roll of the neck fabric that is typical of a classic turtleneck.


                Notch Neck-

                A notched neckline has a small triangular cutout in the front center.


                Any of a number of strong elastic, synthetic polyamide materials that are fashioned into fabrics. Nylon’s best qualities include its ability to retain color and shape and its tendency to resist wrinkles and dry quickly.



                Shading of a single color from light to dark; or the gradual blending of several colors.

                Overlock Edge-

                This is a stitch sewn over the edge of one or two pieces of fabric for edging, hemming, or seaming.


                Covering the surface of a fabric with a decorative layer or design.



                Fabric with swirling prints either woven in or screened. It is often in a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian or Indian origin, similar to half of the Yin Yang symbol.

                Patchwork Pattern-

                Woven fabric that combines together pieces of different prints and designs with stitching sometimes quilted. This is often seen in romantic or country looks.


                This is the original “miracle” fiber. A synthetic that comes in a wide range of weaves, often blended with other fibers. With polyester added to a garment, wrinkle resistance is built right in, shape and color retention are a given, as is durability.


                Raglan Sleeve-

                A type of sleeve whose distinguishing characteristic is to extend in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone. These sleeves are often shorter, usually half or three quarter length.


                A lustrous man-made fabric that drapes beautifully, resists wrinkles and is easy to care for. In addition, it takes and holds color exceptionally well. This fabric is often blended with other fibers and has excellent breathability.


                A strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim at the edge of a garment that creates a rippled affect.



                Two or more rows of gathers used to decorate parts of garments, usually the sleeves, bodice and yoke.

                Shirttail Hem-

                The curved bottom hem of a top, higher on the hip area (for ease of movement) dipping lower in the front and back.


                A narrow, flat, braided trim used to edge or add decorative details to a garment.


                A man-made fiber that adds stretch to a fabric. Always blended with other fibers as a little goes a long way. Spandex improves fit and flexibility while enhancing durability and comfort.

                Split Neck-

                A round neckline that looks like it has been cut in the center to form a small V.

                Square Neck-

                This is an open-yoke neckline shaped in the form of a square.



                Machine stitching showing on the right side (outside) of a garment for decorative affect.


                A silhouette that is fitted at the bust and gradually flares out into an A-line shape as it extends toward the hemline. Whether in the form of a tunic or dress, this simple shape balances most women’s proportions beautifully.


                A top that is longer than average, usually about hip-length or a little longer.

                Two-Way Stretch-

                The quality of woven or knit garments made with Spandex that enables them to stretch vertically and horizontally.



                A popular type of rayon. In addition to a supple feel and luster characteristic of Rayon fabrics in general, Viscose is soft yet strong, resists wrinkles, drapes beautifully and is light and airy.


                Wrinkle Resistant-

                That property of a fabric that enables it to resist the formation of wrinkles through their weave or chemical makeup. Certainly a desirable attribute, as it means easier care and a more polished look with no fuss.



                Yarn that has been dyed prior to the weaving or knitting of the garment.


                The fitted top of a garment across the shoulders in front or back, usually a separate piece seamed across the front and back; sometimes lines.